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About us

Welcome to PairMe™!  We’re Alyssa and Lindsey. We’re sisters, moms and best friends that are constantly on the go with five kids between the two of us. Every day between leaving for school, going outside to play, just getting out the door, created an upheaval in our homes. Our kids were constantly putting their shoes on the wrong feet and it was a battle of the wills getting their shoes on correctly. As parents, we left the house feeling rushed and frustrated and our kids felt defeated. Not a good way to start the day! 

We knew we had a problem that needed to be fixed. We wanted our kids to feel confident in their ability to dress themselves and accomplish small tasks at a young age. We also thought the current market solutions were lacking. In 2014, we filed a patent and started our journey developing the first and only light up shoe accessory that helps children get their shoes on the correct feet.  We are now working hard to develop many cute designs that everyone will love!  

With PairMe Products, our goal is to develop products for kids where they can feel proud and confident to take on new tasks no matter how small they might be.  We think moms and dads deserve a little extra time too!